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Anesthesia Machine
  • Anesthesia Machine
Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine


15.6″TFT touch screen

User friendly design of the interface, easy of operation

Complete electric control and monitor enable the accurate and stable data monitoring

Complete ventilation models to satisfy infant, pediatric and adult patients

Highly integrated breathing circuit, high temperature disinfection



Applied for adult, pediatric and infant

Gas:O2, N2O, air

Ventilation mode:VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, MANUAL

Monitoring waveform:pressure-time, volume-time, flow-time,EtCO2 concentration

Monitoring circle:PV, FV, FP

Monitoring parameters:tidal volume, airway pressure, respiratory frequency, O2 concentration, lung compliance, AG concentration, MAC

Alarms:tidal volume limit, minute volume limit, airway pressure limit, O2 concentration limit, AG concentration limit, apnea, AC power failure, gas source failure, etc. 

Unique Fully-Electronic Control Design of Anesthesia Machine: 

Double 15-19 inch screens, touch screen, special and simple operation screen layout. Rotate screen and arm, compact size, double work surface. 

Fully electronic for flow meters, functional self-test including system leakage and compliance calculation. 

Fully electronic fresh gas flow control, gas supply measured by pressure sensor. 

Flush O2 can both electronics and mechanical In addition, we can realize bypass switch, absorb switch status detect, four waves display in the same time.

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