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  • CNME-8000


Optical specificatoins 

* Diameter of the light spot at a distance of 420mm: 20-90mm 

* Illumination in 250mm working distance: =75000 1x 

Adjustable range 

* Fluctuation distance: 12.5mm 

* Vertical direction of Illumination:±25°adjustable

Net Weight 

* 70g (excluding headband) 

Electrical specifications

* Illumination Source: extremely bright light, 5W LED. Life 20000 hours continuous burn. 

* Battery: 7.2V Lithium battery (rechargeable) 

* Battery Run-time: >2.5 hours 

* Voltage: 110VAC/ 220 VAC 

* Maximum Power input: 15W 

* Electrical Safety Standard: IEC60601.1 class II Type BF equipment.

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